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Corporate Advisory for SMEs

We have decades of experiences advising SME clients on their growth strategies whether it is through raising new private capitals or loans, mergers & acquisitions, restructuring, new business models and even helping them on their paths towards an IPO.

Do call us and share with us in confidence your plans and we will help with no obligations.  This is part of our contributions in helping our SMEs grow especially in international expansions.

Help in Creating New Business Models

We can help you to innovate and change or reshape your business model in this digital age.  Below are examples of business models that are disrupting the markets.  Why not YOU ???


News, Social Media or the regular pub discussions. Lots of people are currently discussing “disruptive Business” models and sometimes they are even already fed up with the disruptive world. But why is this topic so important for everyone and what do we have to know about it? This Article should help to understand why these new disruptive business models are so important and why everybody should at least have an understanding of the basics of the most successful business models.

Disrupt or be disrupted

The quote “Disrupt or be disrupted” is being said a lot in Silicon Valley. Everybody there is constantly looking for an opportunity or niche to disrupt industries with new innovative business models. So its no wonder, that there is a lot of talking is going on in this field. But let me say one thing first: There are usually never completely new business models involved. Existing business models are usually simply used for a new industry, a new product or a new service.


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