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Accounting Services

We provide seamless outsourced accounting services to minimize any inconveniences that you may face. From start-up to multi-level group of companies, we ensure the processes suit your specific requirements.

Valuation Services

For whatever reasons you need to do a valuation, we will help you to define a reasonable scope of services to achieve your objective/s as we understand most SMEs have budgetary constraints.

We have completed numerous assignments including those for share buyouts, divorce proceedings and internal valuations for managements.

To understand more about valuation and its methodologies see the below link:



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Audit Services

Whether you need audit in compliance of company laws for your financial accounts or any matters that require investigation for an independent view, we have a professional and experience team to accomplish your objectives in a timely manner. We have more than 1,000 engagements in both external and internal audits over the years.

We also provide special investigation audits for industries such as management funds, society funds, logistics and shipping.

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Corporate Advisory for SMEs

We have decades of experiences advising SME clients on their growth strategies whether it is through raising new private capitals or loans, mergers & acquisitions, restructuring, new business models and even helping them on their paths towards an IPO.

Do call us and share with us in confidence your plans and we will help with no obligations.  This is part of our contributions in helping our SMEs grow especially in international expansions.


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